All of our insurance services are available for single or group policies, and we offer a FREE EVALUATION to match you with the plan that best suits your needs.


  • Term Life – this type of insurance pays the beneficiary or beneficiaries in the event of insured party’s death during a specified term, usually within a 10–30-year period.
  • Whole Life – this type of permanent insurance covers the insured for the duration of their life as long as the premiums continue to be paid on time.
  • Universal Life – similar to whole life insurance, this type of permanent life insurance offers additional flexibility with premium payments, death benefits, and policy savings.
  • Final Expense – also known as burial insurance, this type of insurance deals specifically with the expenses related to the death and postmortem expenses of the insured, such as medical bills, funeral costs, or cremation expenses.


  • Medicare – this type of insurance is a government national health insurance program available to individuals aged 65 and up, or some younger individuals with disabilities as determined by the SSA.
  • Medicare Supplement – this type of insurance helps cover any remaining out of pocket costs left after Medicare pays the approved amount for medical care received by the insured


  • Dental – We offer dental insurance plan options to make sure you’re covered whether you need simple, routine cleanings or more extensive dental work
  • Vision – We offer vision insurance plan options to give you peace of mind when you need to take care of your eyes or if you require corrective eyewear.
  • Travel Insurance – this type of insurance covers the cost of potential medical care the insured may need to receive while traveling outside of the US
  • Supplemental Coverage – this type of coverage is useful if you need a short-term medical plan or are in the market for a more traditional coverage. We offer plans that provide supplemental coverage for:
    • Hospital expenses
    • Critical illness
    • Accident insurance
    • Disability coverage

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