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We also offer a variety of travel insurance and LegalShield plans, which are available for single or group coverage. Contact us for a FREE EVALUATION to match you with the plan that best suits your needs.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers a variety of potential mishaps that could occur while traveling overseas. Travel insurance is important to consider if you frequently travel outside of the country, as misfortune or setbacks could happen at any time. Most importantly, travel insurance provides coverage for any medical care that you may need to receive while traveling outside of the country. Depending on the policy, travel insurance may also cover lost or stolen luggage, missed flights, and other financial losses you may experience during your travels. Travel insurance is not necessary for everyone, but if you frequently make trips outside of the country, travel insurance may be something you might want to consider. Because travel insurance policies deal with financial loss in another country, you will want to consider several things when looking at travel insurance policies. Consider the state of the country you are planning to visit and whether or not the travel insurance policy you are looking into covers last-minute cancellations due to political or civil unrest in your destination country. You might also want to consider any preexisting conditions you might have, as some plans will not accept you if you have a preexisting condition. Travel insurance is not typically a type of coverage people who only travel once in a while or only travel within their home country look into purchasing. You will need to consider the potential cost versus benefit of travel insurance when you look into policies to determine if the amount of traveling you do warrants an insurance policy. If travel insurance appears to be beneficial to you, you should then consider what level of coverage you think you will need. Consider if you only want coverage for medical care you may need to receive overseas, or if you would also like to insure your luggage, flights, etc. Keep in mind as well that most airlines offer their own flight insurance, which guarantees you a refund if you need to change your flight, the flight gets canceled, or if you need to cancel the flight yourself. If you purchase a travel insurance policy that covers missed or canceled flights, you can save money when booking by skipping the airline’s flight insurance. 

Individual or Group

We offer individual or group coverage for travel insurance. If you are traveling alone and only need coverage for yourself, we can assist you in finding the travel insurance plan that best suits your needs. If you are an employer whose employees need to travel for work, or if you want to insure your entire family for vacations abroad, there are numerous coverage options available for group insurance as well. For employers needing to cover employees who frequently travel internationally for work, some things to consider when choosing a policy are the number of people needing to be insured, whether you want to provide coverage for their luggage as well as medical expenses, and your company budget for travel insurance. One of our licensed professionals will be able to sit down with you, listen to your needs, and match you up with the best travel insurance policy for you. 


LegalShield grants affordable access to legal assistance without the burdensome cost that is usually associated with legal services. For a small monthly fee, and with no hourly fee or retainers, LegalShield grants customers access to their team of experienced lawyers. LegalShield takes the stress, complication, and burdensome cost out of the equation when and if you find yourself in need of legal services. LegalShield is available for individuals or businesses and their employees, which makes running a business much simpler when legal questions need an answer. LegalShield is partnered with a wide variety of law firms across the entire United States in order to serve as many areas of law as possible, and your LegalShield representative will be available to answer a wide range of common legal questions relating to business or individual needs quickly and knowledgably. 

Individual or Group

LegalShield offers plans that grant access to affordable legal assistance from their team of experienced lawyers for individuals or groups. If you own a business and need coverage for the business itself, your employees, or both, LegalShield offers plans to fit your needs. With an individual or group plan through LegalShield, you can rest easy knowing that you, your company, and your employees have access to legal advice and protection no matter what situation may arise. 

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