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What is
Vision Insurance?

Many people tend to put vision insurance on the back burner or assume it is not worth it to pay the premiums, only worrying about it after problems with their eyes arise. Vision insurance is insurance coverage specifically related to eye health and ensures that those who rely on corrective eyewear or contact lenses have access to affordable options. Vision insurance covers the cost of annual eye exams, which are important for maintaining optimal eye health and catching any potential vision problems early enough to get the necessary treatment to protect what many consider to be the most important of their five senses. While vision insurance does not cover LASIK, as it is considered an elective procedure by the insurance companies, some vision plans to afford discounts on the procedure to the insured individual. Another benefit of vision insurance is that many online eyeglass and contact lens retailers accept vision insurance, which is important in this day and age where many people skip the trip to visit the eye doctor in person whenever they need new lenses or frames. Having the right vision insurance plan to fit your needs is critical whether you rely on corrective eyewear to help you see, or even if you have a healthy vision history as vision quality and eye health are notoriously susceptible to changing with age. Vision insurance also makes it easy and affordable to receive routine eye exams, which are crucial for maintaining the health of your eyes into your advanced years.  

Individual or
Group Policies

Vision insurance plans are often unexpectedly affordable, especially when bundled with a dental or health insurance plan. If you are an individual seeking insurance coverage for a single person, there are a variety of affordable vision insurance policies to choose from. Some important things to consider when looking for an individual vision plan are your vision history as well as potential vision problems you may run into down the road, if you have a preferred eye doctor you have been seeing and if that doctor is in network of the plan you are interested in, your budget for vision insurance, and whether or not bundling your vision insurance with dental or medical coverage would benefit you and reduce your overall insurance cost. Vision plans are also available for group coverage, either for an entire family, or for staff coverage offered by an employer. Just as bundling vision insurance with dental, medical, or both can reduce the cost of coverage for an individual, employers who are looking to provide vision insurance for their employees can often get reduced rates per plan when covering groups of people. Some things to consider when choosing a vision plan that will include multiple insured parties are the number of individuals expected to need coverage, the extent of coverage needed to provide comprehensive care for all insured parties, whether or not you want to bundle the vision insurance with additional insurance plans such as dental or medical coverage, and the allotted budget available to dedicate toward vision coverage for the group. 

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